‘Strive to grow, value, nurture, motivate’

Our Values & Ethos

  ‘Strive to grow, value, nurture, motivate’

At Middlewich Primary School we are committed to offering the very best care and education to everyone so that they can be the best they can be. Our work is founded upon five core principles:


1. Children

The needs of children lie at the heart of all we do. We work to make sure that every child at our school is seen as an individual, has equality of opportunity and is encouraged, and inspired to achieve to his/her full potential in a safe, nurturing environment. We listen to the children in our school and encourage them to have a strong voice within it.


2. Learning

The central purpose of our school is learning.  Our staff and governors work together to make sure all pupils are taught most effectively. We strive to ensure every pupil develops their skills, deepens their knowledge and enjoys all aspects of their work. We evaluate the impact of our lessons, analyse our teaching methods and reflect on the effectiveness of our practice. Actions for improvement are identified, implemented and evaluated again. We never stop learning.


3. Quality

We value all aspects of our school, aiming for the highest quality in all we do. The whole school environment is a reflection of this and we seek to provide quality learning with quality resources in a quality environment.


4. Teamwork

All members of staff work collaboratively, supported by knowledgeable and dedicated governors, for the good of the school. We know that we need to motivate each other if we are to achieve our best. We create a mutually supportive and trusting climate, using each other’s strengths. We encourage the active participation of pupils and their families, and value the contributions of all who have an interest in the school including partner primaries, link high schools and external agencies. We see our school as an integral part of the local community and we work with for it, and with it, for the benefit of all.


5. Continuous Improvement

We believe that we can always grow and improve so we evaluate all we do with a determination to make it even better. We know we will never be perfect - but we will never stop trying to be.



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