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Religious Education (RE)

Through lessons, assemblies and visits, children are taught to understand and respect religions and cultures represented in our diverse modern nation and the wider world. Children learn the key principles of the major religions and are encouraged to reflect upon these teachings, comparing them across religions, and with their own beliefs and values.


Read the quotes below to see what our pupils enjoy about Religious Education lessons at Middlewich Primary School. 


  • "We have really liked finding out all about the first Christmas and what happened when Jesus was born." (year 1 pupil)
  • "I liked drawing a storyboard for the Nativity." (year 2 pupil) 
  • "I liked learning about the Christmas story and how Luke and Matthew told it differently." (year 3 pupil) 
  • "I like RE and have enjoyed learning about the story of the Exodus." (year 4 pupil) 
  • "RE is good because we learn about different religions and how they celebrate." (year 5 pupil) 
  • “I loved learning about how people go on pilgrimages to different places.” (year 6 pupil) 


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