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At Middlewich Primary School, we use Power Maths to deliver maths lessons in years 1-5. A combination of White Rose and CGP is used to support teaching and learning in year 6 to reinforce key concepts and further develop subject knowledge.

Read the quotes below to see what our pupils enjoy about Maths lessons at Middlewich Primary School. 


  • “ Maths is fun as I like challenging myself. Multiplying decimals is especially challenging.” (year 6 pupil) 
  • "I enjoy the challenges in the Power Maths books because even if you get them wrong you are still learning something if you know how you got it wrong!" (year 5 pupil)
  • "I enjoy maths, especially my times tables." (year 4 pupil) 
  • "I’ve enjoyed the 8 times table this year.” (year 3 pupil)
  • "I liked adding money together." (year 2 pupil) 
  • "Power Maths is so good. We really like using the number lines, bead strings and counters to help us. We really like trying the challenges too." (year 1 pupil)
  • "We have enjoyed learning how to count and write numbers." (Foundation Stage) 


The documents below show the methods that children use for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in their maths lessons.  

Click the 'Maths Curriculum' document below to find out more information about the key mathematical knowledge that is taught in each year group.



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