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When developing their knowledge and understanding of geography, children will learn about, and develop a respect for, the world and the people who live in it. They will appreciate the impact we have on the environment and will acquire key knowledge and skills. They will learn to read maps, use and understand geographical vocabulary and carry out fieldwork. 


Read the quotes below to see what our pupils enjoy about Geography lessons at Middlewich Primary School.


  • "I liked going on a nature walk." (Foundation Stage pupil) 
  • "We have enjoyed looking at our planet using maps and a globe." (year 1 pupil) 
  • "I like learning about the oceans and continents." (year 2 pupil) 
  • "I enjoyed identifying human and physical features on a map of Europe." (year 3 pupil) 
  • "I have really enjoyed geography, especially learning about climate zones and the polar regions." (year 4 pupil) 
  • "I enjoyed learning about the physical features that are around us in Middlewich. " (year 5 pupil) 
  • “I have enjoyed learning about Mid-west America and how the Europeans changed the landscape.”  (year 6 pupil)


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