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Design and Technology

Children enjoy constructing, making and creating from an early age. At school they will enhance their skills through a variety of practical and creative activities in designing and making products. They will learn about mechanisms, structures, electrical systems, textiles and food, evaluating the use and effectiveness of their finished designs.


Read the quotes below to see what our pupils enjoy about Design & Technology lessons at Middlewich Primary School.


  • "I loved making pies for the Yoga Ogre." (Foundation Stage pupil) 

  • "We loved making our own tables using hot glue and wood." (year 1 pupil)

  • "I love making houses in DT. We used a saw to cut the wood." (year 2 pupil) 

  • "I enjoyed making and tasting the apple crumble, it was delicious.” (year 3 pupil) 

  • "In DT I have enjoyed learning about Roman and Greek architecture and how some of their design features are still being used in modern buildings." (year 4 pupil) 

  • "I like DT because it makes you think of the architectural perspectives. " (year 5 pupil) 

  • “I loved learning about how food packaging attracts customers and I enjoyed creating my own packaging.” (year 6 pupil)


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