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At Middlewich Primary School, children learn to appreciate, compose and perform music. All pupils will have opportunities to learn a musical instrument in solo and ensemble contexts and learn how to sing in different styles. 

Read the quotes below to see what our pupils enjoy about Music lessons at Middlewich Primary School. 


  • "I liked singing Christmas songs." (Foundation Stage Pupil) 
  • "We loved singing The Twelve Days of Christmas. We like signing when we sing." (year 1 pupil)
  • "I enjoy singing songs in music lessons." (year 2 pupil)
  • "I have enjoyed learning new words like 'forte' in music lessons." (year 3 pupil) 
  • "In music, I have enjoyed learning about different composers as well as learning songs for Singfest." (year 4 pupil) 
  • "I like music because we can learn an instrument at home and in school!" (year 5 pupil)
  • "I like discovering all of the different instruments, what they sound like and how they sound in different pieces of music." (year 6 pupil) 


If your child is interested in music instrumental lessons or joining the Music for Life ensembles, please go to www.musicforlife.org.uk for more information.

Your child may also be interested in joining the Cooperative Wind Band if they play an orchestral instrument https://www.co-operativewindbands.com/



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