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At Middlewich Primary School, we use Purple Mash to deliver the computing curriculum. You can find the yearly overviews for each year group below. You will also find the key computing skills document that are promoted in each year group. 


Read the quotes below to see what our pupils enjoy about Computing lessons at Middlewich Primary School.


"I like using FreeCode because even though we are given something that we need to do we still get to experiment with the code and make it unique to us." (year 6 pupil) 

"I like trying to solve and debug programmes that seem impossible!" (year 5 pupil)

"In computing, I have really enjoyed coding and debugging." (year 4 pupil) 

"I like learning about the home keys and learning to type with two hands." (year 3 pupil)

"I enjoyed designing a house for the Great Fire of London on the computer." (year 2 pupil) 

"We like to use the keyboards to type out work. We like using the painting on Purple Mash." (year 1 pupil) 

"I like drawing dinosaurs on the computer." (Foundation Stage) 



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