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Governing Board

All state schools are overseen by a governing body. The Headteacher is in charge of the day to day running of the school. Governors help to make decisions about how the school is run. Governors are appointed to help to monitor what is taught, standards of behaviour, interview and select staff and decide how the school budget is spent. School Governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities. They can only act together, they cannot act individually. 

The governors of the full governing body meets once a term. There are also a number of committees - The Safeguarding, Finance & Staffing Commitee (SFSC), Pupil Welfare, Curriculum and Partnerships Committee (PWCP) and Pay Committee - which also meet once per term. These committees provide reports and recommendations to the full governing body. Minutes for part one of these meetings can be accessed on the committee pages in the drop down menu. The Chair and Vice Chair of each committee can be viewed below as well as committee membership.  


Chair/Vice Chair of Governors and Committees


Chair of Governors – Robert Bunn

Vice Chair of Governors – David Atkinson

Chair of the Pupil Welfare, Curriculum & Partnerships committee – Jane Mayhead

Chair of the Safeguarding, Finance & Staffing committee – David Atkinson

Vice Chair of the Pupil Welfare Curriculum & Partnerships committee – Mark Edwards

Vice Chair of the Safeguarding, Finance & Staffing committee – Robert Bunn


Comittee Membership 2022- 2023


Full Governor Membership List

The membership of the governing board is drawn from representatives of the local authority, teaching and non-teaching staff, and parents who are elected. A proportion of the governors are co-opted, these are called Community Governors.



Governor Type

Term From

Term To

Additional Information

Appointed by

Dr Robert Bunn

Co-opted governor



27 Nov 2019

26 Nov 2023

 Chair of Governors 

Vice Chair of the Safeguarding Committee 

Cheshire East FGB

Mr David Atkinson

Co-opted governor

25 Nov 2020

24 Nov 2024

Vice Chair of Governors 

Chair of the Safeguarding Committee 

Cheshire East FGB

Mrs. Gemma Reynolds


(Cheshire East)


Cheshire East LA

Ms. Sandie La Porta


(Cheshire East)



Cheshire East FGB

Cheryl Bertoni 

Co-opted Governor


19 Jul 2020

18 Jul 2024


Cheshire East LA

Mrs Lucy Lee

Parent governor



04 Feb 2020

3 Feb 2024

Personal Development


Parent Election

Mrs Jane Mayhead

Co-opted governor

(Cheshire East)


30 Nov 2020

29 Nov 2024

Chair of PWCP 

Cheshire East FGB

Mrs Katie Davies

Deputy Headteacher


Mrs Louisa Moseley








Miss Amy Harding

Staff governor



18 Oct 2018

17 Oct 2022


Staff election

Louisa Jennings

 Co-opted governor

(Cheshire East)

22 March 2022

21 Feb 2026


Cheshire East FGB

Mr. James Lee


(Cheshire East)







Miss Vicky Williams

Co-opted governor

(Cheshire East)


30 Nov 2020

29 Nov 2024


Cheshire East FGB



If you would like to contact any of our school governors please do not hesitate to contact the school office and we will pass on your letter or telephone number.


We always welcome suggestions, feedback and ideas from parents – please contact the Chair of Governors, Dr. Robert Bunn, via the school office.

On this page, you can see the full list of governors; their attendance at meetings; minutes of governing body meetings and more information about what we do. More information and minutes from each committee can be found on their own page. You will find this by hovering your mouse over the governors page in the drop down menu. 


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