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Pupil Welfare, Curriculum & Partnerships Committee (PWCP)


This committee monitors the quality of teaching and learning across the school. This year the committee has spent time considering how the school has developed its curriculum delivery in order to meet the high standards expected in the end of key stage assessments. They have also considered how the curriculum has been improved to include more visits and residential trips to develop children’s experiences across the school.  A key part of this committee is to scrutinise and evaluate pupil data. Statutory assessment information as well as ‘in-house’ data is shared and information for groups of children, and particularly vulnerable pupils such as those in receipt of Pupil Premium funding and those with special educational needs and/or disabilities, is examined. The committee evaluates the impact of the school’s provision on pupils’ outcomes and this is used as a key measure of success. Another significant focus of this committee is to monitor well-being, behaviour, and the social, moral, spiritual and cultural aspects of the curriculum.


Look at the files below to find the Pupil Welfare, Curriculum & Partnerships Committee (PWCP) Terms of Reference and Minutes from previous meetings. 


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