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Bart Gee- Breaking Limits

We were honoured to be joined by Bart Gee for today's assembly. Bart was born with a rare physical disability called Arthrogryposis which means that he has weak muscles and stiff joints.  After Bart was born, doctors said he would never walk and may not ever have the strength to be able to sit up independently, and he would have a bleak outlook on life.


He shared his inspirational story & impressive accomplishments. Bart started to walk when he was 3 years old and, since then, has been able to take part in many different activities at varying levels of ability including running, football, table tennis and swimming. At the age of 5, Bart wanted to learn how to play the piano.  Doctors said it would never happen and there was even doubt as to whether he would have the strength to press down a key. By age 11, he had achieved his grade 5. We were lucky enough to hear Bart play his beautiful music on the piano during our assembly. 


Bart proved that although at times things may be difficult, they are still possible to achieve. 

Middlewich Primary School

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